December 2, 2023
AVG VPN VPN Review – Does It Unblock Netflix?

AVG VPN VPN Review – Does It Unblock Netflix?

AVG Secure VPN provides an array of features at an affordable cost. It doesn’t keep any activity logs. It makes use of the OpenVPN tunneling protocol to secure the internet. It unblocks Netflix US, BOLLE CONSOMMATION IPlayer, BOLLE CONSOMMATION, and Hulu. It lets users mark home wi-fi networks as private or perhaps trustworthy. It also includes a community product gain feature, a kill switch for the internet, and a thirty-day money back guarantee.

It does not perform like some of its competitors on the Netflix front. Its streaming servers don’t always work as fast as they should to avoid IP aggravations. The company also does not offer a live chat option or knowledge base. It also only has several pricing plans, which include one-year packages and three-year subscriptions.

It does, however, keep certain user data such as timestamps, dates of connections and data usage, on its servers. This isn’t unusual for VPN providers, but it’s more concerning than their policies. It doesn’t have any browser extensions, apps on smart TVs, or router apps.

AVG Secure VPN offers numerous features and is affordable however, its limited selection of Netflix-compatible servers is disappointing. Its app is easy to use and includes the option to connect automatically whenever you’re connected to the Internet. You can also alter the settings in your app to ensure that it doesn’t track your activities or share your connection details with AVG.

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